Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Create shutdown shortcuts in Microsoft Windows PC

Create shutdown shortcuts in Microsoft Windows PC

Everyone knows How to create shortcuts on computer. Creating shortcut is the very simple thing and this thing should be familiar to almost everyone
But you know we can make a shortcut for Shutdown your Windows PC ...…yes you heard me right just double click on the shortcut and you can shut down your computer instantly.
Here is the Procedure to create Shutdown Shortcut icon for your Computer.
1)      First right click on desktop and then select new and then select Shortcut
      Same as in below figure.

2)      After clicking on shortcut you will get below window. (See the Image)
This is where you will enter the specific command strings to make your new shutdown shortcut.
To create shutdown shortcut, we will enter the specific command that will shut down a Windows PC. Type the following command into the box and then click Next.
             Shutdown.exe -s -t 00

3)      The next screen asks you to name of the shortcut. I have entered "shutdown ".
(See the image)

4)      Now your shortcut is created......just double click and boom your work is done
But you can change that boring shortcut icon to another one
Just Right click on shutdown shortcut and click on properties
(See the image)

5)      Then you will see the control panel and select ”Change icon”  button to change the icon for your shortcut.(See the image)

6)      After clicking that icon you will see the list of icons that you have to select for your newly created shortcut. Then select the icon that you want to be appear on your shortcut            (See the image)

7)      Here is the new shutdown shortcut icon created on your desktop.                                       (See the image)

   Just pinned the icon into your task bar and you are done.

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